Do you dare to read this book?

The Danish cartoons and other images of Muhammad were banned by Yale University Press from Jytte Klausen's The Cartoons that Shook the World — for fear that someone, somewhere, might respond violently to their publication.

The editors of Muhammad: The "Banned" Images and the signatories who subscribe to the Statement of Principle argue that recent threats of violence against the use of particular words and images are creating a climate that hampers academic discourse, grants legitimacy to censorship, and eventually corrupts the First Amendment.

If you care about free speech and scholarly discourse...

Do you dare not to read this book?

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Muhammad: The "Banned" Images includes:

  • Editor's Introduction by Gary Hull, on the basic choice between free speech and force, and the ethical issues involved in suppressing free scholarly discourse for the sake of multiculturalism
  • Statement of Principle on free speech and scholarly discourse
  • Survey of images of Muhammad from Western and Muslim sources, ranging over 900 years, with 31 images reproduced in full color and a Preface setting the images in historical context

The cover shows a scene from Mahomet, ou le Fanatisme, a 1742 play in which Voltaire used Muhammad symbolically to attack those who use revealed religion to gain power.


New Interview with Dr. Hull

Muhammad: The "Banned" Images is now available on Kindle, at only $6.50.

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Muhammad: The "Banned" Images is now available on Kindle, at only $6.50.